The Pedant’s job training got done earlier than he thought it would and he called asking if I’d like his company for just an hour or two. I said yes. I’ve proposed little quickie after-work visits in the past and he’s always said no; I got the feeling he really doesn’t like to come over unless he can devote a lot more time, and/or he’s too exhausted after work to want to socialize, so I stopped asking ages ago. And yet, there he was. His next timeslot for a proper visit is over a week away (and the last time I saw him was, I dunno, a while ago) and I’m wondering whether he was feeling the sexual withdrawal as keenly as I have been.

But anyway. He came over and we made small talk as he stood in my hallway unlacing and removing his gigantic boots, which was at least a five-minute affair. He did not immediately move to take his clothes off, and I wondered whether he would avoid having sex with me after all and just want to snuggle and watch a movie or something. When we have sex it usually turns into a bit of a marathon and he seemed fairly intent on not staying too long.

But then he excused himself to go pee and eventually came out of the bathroom naked (and god, so beautiful he hurt my eyes) and it was on like Donkey Kong.

We ended up having sex three or four times in about three hours, depending on your definition of sex.  It was the fastest refractory period I’ve ever seen him have – we fucked and then he dozed off and like ten minutes later I idly petted his cock and he moaned and it was on like Donkey Kong again. I started out on top but my thigh muscles began to cramp so I dismounted and insisted he help get me off instead. After which he got on top and continued with the PIV and I thought he came (albeit a pretty weak one, which would be typical of him for a second sexing during a short-ish period) but later he told me he had not. I guess he just gave up with a bit of fanfare and then rolled off me for more sleep. We dozed together and then he was like “I have to get going” and I was like “okay” and he got up and peed and when he came out I gave him some hugs and kisses as I often do during his getting-ready-to-go process but instead of returning them in friendly fashion he started moaning again and goddammit I can’t resist him when he moans.

He seems to be really trying hard to cater to my dominance lately. He ended up on his knees on my bed, but sitting up, not sitting back on his heels; I was on my knees, too, pressed against him, kissing him and stroking his cock and playing with his nipples and his legs kept trying to collapse and I braced him with a hand on the small of his back and started giving him a hand job in earnest. My vag was honestly feeling kinda worn out by that point and it had been forever since I’d given him an orgasm in any way other than PIV. He was moaning so hard I was half-sure he would come on my stomach. Which I would have loved.

The Pedant was fairly talkative today. For some reason he started whispering “yes” whenever I was doing something he liked, which was hot at first but he just kept on saying it at precisely regular intervals (“yes…yes…yes…yes…yes…”) so it got a bit monotonous and weird. And now, during this hand job, he started really riffing. First he whispered “I love the way your hands feel on me…please tie me down and keep doing that” (arrrrgh so hot…!) so I did that. He asked if I wanted him to come, and of course I said yes (I’m not sure why I’d be tying him up and jerking him off, otherwise…) and there was a whole bunch of stuff about how he loved being my pet/slave/etc., which I have mixed feelings about because while the concept is hot, he’s not my slave….and at that particular moment I was pretty blatantly service-topping him. Or at least it seemed blatant to me. And then my brain went off on a tangent wondering if he really thought that me tying him up and jerking him off was me using him as a slave (that is not how I conceive of “using” a sub/slave-type person. “Using” implies that he is doing something useful. Having him give me an orgasm would be “using” him in the D/s sense, to me. Giving him an orgasm? Not so much. It might count as a scene but not as him being all slavey n shit.)

But he’s back on that thing of using the word “love” a lot in the heat of the moment (which I remain convinced is a thing he does when he wants to say “I love you” but is just a bit too chicken). “I love the way your hands feel on me” “I love what you do to my cock,” “I love the way you kiss my nipples” etc. I’m back to having feelings for him now so I’m on board with him loving stuff about me. Hopefully one day he’ll be able to actually say “I love you” to me but in the meantime this will do nicely.

I was jerking him off for quite a long time without him coming, and just as I was convinced that he was probably overstimulated and not going to orgasm again, he asked if I would like him inside me again. Yeah, what the hell. I climbed aboard and when I slid down around him he gasped deeply, as though the feeling were brand new and amazing. As though he’d never thought to put his penis in a vagina before. As if I hadn’t been pumping his cock in my fist continuously for the past twenty minutes or so to a point where you’d think it would be numb.

He continued free-associating about how much he loved what I was doing and how when I’m touching his nipples the way I do, he feels like I could get him to do absolutely anything (yeah okay that was hot) and then he was like “do you want me to come inside you?” (which I’ve realized is dirty talk, for him, not really asking permission per se. He’s only started saying it since we became fluid-bonded so I think that, like me, he’s turned on by the closeness of being bareback. And likes to kind of talk about it to remind himself that it’s happening). Anyway I said yes to the coming inside me and pretty soon KERPOW. Looked like a good one; he thrashed and reared up off the pillow, which in turn brought out my feral side and I put a hand on his chest and shoved him down, hard, growling in his ear while I fucked my way through the rest of his spasms and finally we just lay together with him intermittently shuddering and me planting small, soft kisses all over his face and neck.

Then he really had to go, or so he said – he ended up lying in my bed petting me and talking and it was maybe three more hours before he actually left.

I’m a little angry at myself because I had things I was going to do today – and could have, if The Pedant had stayed for just a couple of hours like he’d originally said instead of six. I could have gently disengaged between sessions and insisted that he go so I could get shit done, but I didn’t. Boo.

The sex was pretty epic, though.

I probably have more to say about this but I really have to go to bed right now.

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