The new boy did end up coming over, and in a timely fashion with periodic update texts along the commute. And we talked and then I roughhoused and flogged him some and it was SUPER FUN.

Although in a case of super unfortunate timing, our building had a fire scare just as he was arriving, which meant the elevators went out of service (and it’s a high rise and we live high in the air).

Hilariously, The Dandy had also recently ordered food and the food guy had to drop it off with the security guy who sits at the front door. So he happened to take the stairs down to get his food from the front desk just as my new play partner arrived. I had texted each of them a photo of the other just in case things lined up that way, and they did recognize each other and they took the stairs back up to the apartment together. My backup plan had been to either take the stairs down, myself, and either keep the boy company until the elevator was back up, or take the stairs with him. I’m glad I didn’t have to do that, though.

Both The Dandy and the new boy are friendly and effortlessly chatty people, so this situation was probably barely even weird for them. I find it adorable, picturing one of them recognizing the other and tentatively saying hello and then them getting embroiled in conversation as they climbed the stairs.

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