Sad news

Bastardcat passed away today. With help. He was pretty old and had a compromised immune system in the first place and then his health took a rather extreme turn a couple of days ago. It became obvious that it was time.

I was looking at old posts here and I think I got him shortly after I started this blog, although I didn’t mention him until the end of this post (from 2009!). He was a rescue and the vet estimated he was about two years old when I got him, so I can’t say that this blog covers his entire life span. But it covers the whole time I had him. Which is comforting, in a way, the fact that I chronicled his entire presence in my life to at least some extent. But it also feels deeply unfair that a stupid fucking blog is maybe going to exist forever while the best cat in the world* only got to exist for about a decade and a half.

*Every cat is the best cat in the world. Don’t @me.


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5 responses to “Sad news

  1. M

    Oh, PC, I am so sorry for your lost. I always loved hearing about BastardCats antics. He was such a good kitty. 💜💜💜 Sending you warmth in this shitty time.

  2. Asher

    It’s very sad to hear. He had a great life with you!

  3. David - UK

    That’s sad. Cats are the best.

  4. Steve

    I have a dog (Charley) aged 13 and my daily routine seems to be built around her ( 3 walks a day/ feeding/ grooming) . I dread the day when her “time comes”. So I truly sympathise with your loss.
    Missing your “partner” leaves a big hole .
    PS I’ve also had a cat

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