I was texting with The Artist a bunch yesterday and he told me – among other things – that he’s very attracted to me and would be perfectly happy if things with us went in a sexual direction, but he won’t ever initiate unless I have at least once.

I said I have no problem initiating what I want, so that’s just fine by me. Then I asked him if he likes aggression/assertiveness in women generally. He said he does; he really likes when a woman knows what she wants. He added that he’s not good with pain though (I’m guessing he realized I was in fact referencing BDSM with my talk about aggression). I’d already sneakily ascertained that he’s not a masochist on our first date, though, when I told him about a Christmas-themed burlesque show I’d seen where a performer had an audience volunteer staple a string of lights to her body and he was nothing but horrified.

The Artist also mentioned, unprovoked, that he really likes the process of learning a new person’s body and what they like. That is such a perfect thing to say that it seems like a lie to get in my pants, except I can’t remember a guy ever saying it to me before; the liars always talk about giving women All the Orgasms via their own patented techniques that work on every woman, never about giving all kinds of pleasure in whatever customized way the recipient wants.

I still pretty much feel that I won’t be falling for him super hard or anything, and I hope that doesn’t end up hurting him. But I like him and the physical stuff sounds promising. I’ll probably make out with him when I see him tomorrow.

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  1. irrelevant

    so nice to hear 🙂 good luck.

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