Hopes and plans

The Dandy and I talked a bit the other night about the plan of us all moving into a three-bedroom. We applied for the waiting list at least a month ago, but the people in the office are slow and dumb and we never got notification yet of being actually on the list. The Dandy said that with the way apartment prices are getting jacked up, maybe we won’t be able to afford a bigger place, anyway. He’s been in the current two-bedroom for something like five years. We can’t assume that a three-bedroom would be just a proportionate amount more than what we pay now, because what we pay now is a relic of a bygone era. 😛

So I asked what we would do if we had to stay put. Like what could we do with the current place to make it more tolerable? He said we oughta do something to give him a private area for his computer desk. Move it to the living room, maybe? I said we should set up my loft bed, buy a queen-size mattress for it, and put my current double mattress on the floor beneath, basically creating bunk beds. That way, I’ll have a semi-private sleeping place whenever I need one. The Dandy went silent in a way that filled me with misgivings. I prompted him several times to tell me what was on his mind, and finally he said “I’m not such a fan of the loft bed’s aesthetic.” This enraged me.

“We’re currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor,” I blurted out. “I feel like a poor person or like we’re camping or something!”

The Dandy shut down and we didn’t talk about it any further. But the other ragey things I didn’t say are: of course he casually shoots down the bunk bed idea. He’s a person who can sleep through the apocalypse. Sometimes when he snores I elbow him pretty hard in the chest and it does absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, I’m a really light sleeper who wakes up every time The Dandy even shifts in his sleep, not to mention snores or flails his elbow in my face (and he snores and flails every two nights, on average). I need the option of sleeping on my own, away from his snoring. I need a sleeping place that is at least somewhat private and available whenever I need it. This is a huge mental health/quality of life issue for me. Dandette has been kind enough to lend me her room from time to time, but I don’t want to be asking her for this all the time and I’m about to embark on my busy season at work, the time when my schedule is crazy and I’ll need my sleep more than ever.

But The Dandy sleeps next to me without issue and he thinks my loft bed doesn’t look very nice so why would he possibly agree to using it?

However, Dandette went down to the office yesterday to kick their asses and set the waiting list wheels in motion, and while there she asked how much a three-bedroom was running these days. The price is still within manageable range for us!!!!! I’M GETTING MY OWN ROOM.

(You know, eventually.)

I’ve been daydreaming all day about how I’ll decorate my space. God, I can’t wait. I’ll have my kickass loft bed back (which, yes, is made of plain pine 2x4s and is strictly utilitarian, but I love it). I’ll have a big window and an air conditioner/heat vent with an individual control. I’ll have a big closet (probably walk-in big), and between that and the fact that I can fit dressers under my bed, I should be able to have an assload of storage space without the room seeming crowded. I’m thinking of having a chair and dressing table off in a corner, since I’ll probably have room. That might also prevent me from littering my bed with pens and pads. I love the loft bed but you can’t just casually sit on it for a sec to put your shoes on or write a shopping list, y’know?

I want a chandelier but it’s probably not feasible.

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