Arts and Crafts Time!

Last night we finally used the Clone-A-Willy kit I bought a while back. My plan was to be able to make silicone replicas of The Dandy’s pretty, pretty cock any time I wanted. The mold-making process was pretty fun and The Dandy stayed hard easily during the entire process. It probably helped that Dandette and I conducted the entire thing topless, and that when I had an excess of lube on my hands from greasing up The Dandy’s pubes (so they wouldn’t dry in the molding material and get ripped out) Dandette had me wipe them off on her tits. Also though he only really had to stay hard for two minutes. But I know a lot of guys who wouldn’t be able to do that.

Unfortunately, Dandette cut the molding tube a bit too short, so The Dandy’s penis ended up pressed against the end of it rather than just, like, suspended in the jelly stuff. So any penis we make with this mold will have a flattened, urethra-less tip. I’m disappointed, but not particularly angry; if I were doing the mold-making myself I’m sure I would’ve fucked it up in some different way. Dandette has worked as a prop-maker for film and television so she knows how to mold things well.

So now I’ve bought two more kits: one to make a silicone dick, and one to make a chocolate dick. Same exact kit, just with different substances to put in the finished mold. I figure we can use the chocolate in our current, flawed mold to see just how badly it’s distorted (instead of using the expensive silicone stuff that came with it), and we’ll have two more chances to re-mold his dick properly. When it’s time to make some penises, we’ll have the flesh-coloured silicone from the first (failed) kit plus the hot pink from one of the new kits to play with.

Dandette actually knows of a sculpture supply store that sells all the things we’d need to make Dandy dicks, but their silicone isn’t pre-coloured; it’s just whitish-clear and you have to mix pigment in yourself. And the pigment is all boring colours, nothing fluorescent or glow-in-the-dark. Plus they obviously don’t carry anything as specific as dick-tubes so we’d have to get a mailing tube or a piece of PVC pipe or I dunno. It just seemed simpler and probably cheaper to buy a couple more penis-specific kits from

Anyway, wish me luck. I really want a Dandy dildo or three one day. 😀 It’d be cool if The Pedant would let me mold him, too, but I suspect he wouldn’t and I further suspect that he wouldn’t be able to stay hard for those two awkward stimulation-free minutes of holding a tube of goo motionless on his dick. And anyway it wouldn’t surprise me if Dandette and I use up the other two just trying to get The Dandy’s mold right.

Oh by the way I measured the tube from the failed mold. As you recall, the tube was cut too short – exactly the length of The Dandy’s dick rather than a little longer to allow space for molding paste. So now I know the length of The Dandy’s erection without having to actually measure him and look like I think he’s lying. It’s about five inches.

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    I appreciate this quality content. Like, a lot 😛

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