It began when Minx texted me the other day saying she wore her Aneros (a prostate stimulator) to go grocery shopping. I said that must have given her some pretty weird Pavlovian associations with produce. Then I did a browser search for the term “sexy banana” on my phone and sent her some of the images that came up. Including this one because it was hilariously bizarre. Then I remembered I have pic on my phone, taken months ago to ply the nice paying gentlemen of, in which I have a banana wedged in my cleavage and am licking the tip. So I sent that, too.

Then I remembered telling Dandette about Phrendly and her being like “but you would text-flirt with me for free, right?” so I went ahead and sent her my banana pic, too, just because. And she said this would be the start of a sexy banana pic war.

I forgot all about this until she came home from the grocery store an hour or so ago, stood in the bedroom doorway with a big bunch of bananas she’d just bought, and said “IT’S ON.”

Then she had to pop over to a different store to get some stuff the other one didn’t have and I was like “DANDY C’MERE YOU GOTTA HELP ME” (he’s working from home today). And quick-fast while Dandette was at the store I stripped, half-peeled one of the bananas, laid it on my stomach, and splattered mayonnaise on my tits. Then I pushed my breasts together (and hid my nipples under my fingers) and had The Dandy take a cell phone pic of my torso and I texted it to Dandette.

She is now home once again and came in and told The Dandy “As soon as Cowgirl leaves for work I’m gonna need your help with something.”

This is gonna be fun. šŸ˜€

What’s really killing me is that I can’t stop giggling about all of this, and The Dandy asks “what?” every single time, and I’m like “There’s not a new thing. I’m still laughing at the fact that I had you take a banana tittyfuck picture of me, on the spur of the moment, to send to your girlfriend.”

And now she’s gonna make him take some sort of sexy banana pic with which to retaliate. He’ll be her BANANACOMPLICE, if you will.



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