The Dandy, by the way, is off at Dandette’s parents’ place with her again and I opted not to join them. He has some family gathering to go to tomorrow so I knew he would be coming back for at least a day; for a while it wasn’t clear whether Dandette would return with him, or what. But I was hoping not because I’d really like some time alone with him, and some time away from her unmedicated ass.

Apparently, the current plan is for The Dandy to come back sometime today – alone – and stay for a couple of days before rejoining Dandette at her parents’. YAY.

Also, I just ordered a Clone-a-Willy kit so I can (hopefully) make a nice silicone mold of The Dandy’s erect cock. By the looks of it, the finished cock pops out of the mold without damaging it, and Dandette has worked as a prop-maker for film and television and knows where to get more silicone and how to use it, so I want to make an entire army of Dandy-cocks.

In fact, a few weeks back, Dandette playfully took a very realistic (but hot pink) suction-cup dildo of mine and stuck it to the centre of one of my dresser drawers like a handle. I kind of loved this. It looked hilariously incongruous and yet fit in my hand nicely and was fun to pull on to open the drawer. And now I’m thinking I totally need to do that for real – turn one of my small, cheap wood dressers into a sex toy storage unit that has dicks for drawer handles. I’m picturing the whole thing (dresser and dick-handles both) being royal blue for whatever reason. I’d have to make the dicks and then bring home some paint chips so I could find the colour that matched perfectly.

Too bad the “drawer handles” won’t have balls, though. I think it really added something to have a complete set of genitals on the drawer.

Oh the other thing about having Dandy dildos around is that if I were to hook up with a guy into cuckold stuff or forced bi or certain kinds of humiliation, I could fuck his ass with my boyfriend’s cock, or make him fellate it for my viewing pleasure. There’s a delightful perversity to that.


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2 responses to “Plans

  1. Isla Sinclair

    AND! You can measure it and finally get an answer to just exactly how long the thing is! 😀

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