Pedant Time

A few days ago I was hardcore freaking out about the fact that I’m now living with and enmeshed with The Dandy and Dandette.  Living with just The Dandy is bad enough; it feels creepily like monogamous commitment to me and I have no bedroom of my own to bring other guys to and wash that taste out of my mouth. But no, I had to go and commit to two people, which effectively triples my chances of things fucking up (The Dandy and I could develop problems, or he and Dandette could, or Dandette and I could, and any of these eventualities will add stress to my living situation).

So I was freaking out and I texted The Pedant asking if I could see him sometime soon. Basically I wanted to fuck someone who was not The Dandy so that I could get it out of my head that I was trapped. Also, The Dandy’s sexual palate is extremely limited and I was dying to connect with someone I could get toppy with and who would actually make sounds when aroused.

The Pedant can be flighty and hard to nail down sometimes but this time he really came through for me. He told me a night he was free and said if I booked a hotel on my credit card he’d pay me back for it and we could have a whole night to ourselves. So I did, and we did.

He was working til 7pm and I only had one gig in the morning so I arrived first and checked in and stuff. I’ve never booked a hotel or checked into one alone before. I managed okay, despite my anxiety. It helped a lot that the place was in my own city, in a neighbourhood I know well. I dropped off my big giant bag of sex toys etc and then went to the grocery store and got a selection of food for us – something I’d volunteered to do and he’d liked the idea. Plus I wanted to chip in something to show my appreciation for him paying for the room.

I was starving though and broke into our food stash early. Good thing I did because The Pedant never ended up eating that night. He arrived, kissed me hello, showered, then came out into the room damp and naked with a rather adorable, awkward “Well…here I am…” smile. It still wasn’t entirely clear to me whether he planned to partake of the bed-picnic I’d spread out or not, so when I stood up and walked over to him, my first few kisses were a bit tentative. But things escalated quickly and pretty soon I flung him down on the empty part of the bed and quickly gathered up the food and set it aside so we could roll around as needed. Then I stripped, straddled him, and we kept on making out (god, his lips are so plush and smooth and amazing. And he lets me take the lead and vary the kissing in a way that The Dandy does not. Kissing, with The Dandy, is kind of a lost cause; he has prickly face-fur and keeps insisting on doing smoochy puckered kisses no matter how much I try to linger or extend things).

The Pedant kept whispering dirty talk like “I can’t believe after all these years you can still make me submit so completely” – he said several iterations of this – and yeah, I can’t believe our chemistry either TBH. Also: hot. Incidentally, he was reciprocating my kissing and touching more than is typical for him (and has been doing so for the past few times we’ve been together). I like that.

He’d told me during the planning stage for this outing that he wanted to get me off first, since his own orgasms usually knock him the fuck out. I was on board with this. So after a nice long time of kissing and teasing him, I told him to go down on me. Or, well, I didn’t have to tell him, per se; I rolled off him onto my back and scootched a piece of fabric under me*. When he gave me a questioning look, I said “I’m in the final days of my period so there’s a slight chance of precipitation. Your mouth will be up here, though” – and I pointed at my clit – “so you’ll be safe.” And he immediately positioned himself between my legs.

As usual, The Pedant’s technique in giving oral was pretty hit-or-miss (although he seems to be actively hurting me less often than he used to…), but the stuff he did felt good about fifty percent of the time and his enthusiasm was hot. (Have I ever mentioned that The Dandy won’t give oral, like, ever?) And I think I have a mild kink for it. I like the intimacy of someone going face-first into my business, as it were. So that got me turned on as all hell and eventually I added my dildo to the mix, then had The Pedant back his face up so I could use the Hitachi. I got off once and then told The Pedant to stay where he was (ie keep holding the dildo inside me) and I rested for a bit. I’d actually had sex with The Dandy that very morning, plus a bit of an orgasm marathon a couple of days before, so my stomach and thigh muscles were still sore.

After a while of staring at the ceiling and catching my breath, I told The Pedant that I thought I probably had more orgasms in the queue but I just wasn’t sure my body could take it. He responded by starting to shunt the dildo back and forth again. Quite quickly; more quickly than I would have requested. But the g-spot stimulation got me turned on and I applied the Hitachi to my clit again. The Pedant did something with his free hand – pressed the Hitachi harder against me and/or manipulated my clit (whatever part wasn’t blocked by the Hitachi) with his fingers – and I came with a mighty banshee-shriek.

And after I was done, when I asked The Pedant to remove the dildo from my body, he made direct, burning eye contact and placed it in my hand. I found it odd that he did that instead of chucking it onto the side table or whatever, but okay. And then he crawled up my body and kissed me and whispered “Would you like to watch me lick your juices off it?”

Oh, that’s why he handed me the dildo directly.

And that is how I ended up watching The Pedant fellate my dildo for my viewing pleasure OMG.

And! After he was done with that, he petted me for a while, unbidden. And I mentioned that my legs were gonna be sore the next day and he massaged them without me directly asking. And eventually he rolled me over and massaged my back, too, also without me asking. And instead of constantly asking “Feeling better?” (which always sounded to me like “I’m bored, can I stop now?”) he would occasionally check in and ask “Is this helping?” WHO THE HELL TAUGHT HIM TO DO THESE THINGS?!?

Eventually I said that we should figure out how to set up the under-bed restraint system I’d brought. The Pedant said “Yes, but first, maybe…” and quietly, breathily, urgently told me a fantasy of his, as he is wont to do. I get simultaneously aroused (because he’s opening up to me) and mildly irritated (because it comes across a little pushy, although of course I could just be like “Nah, Imma do something else) when he does this. It’s always fascinating hearing his thoughts and how he phrases them, though. The thing he suggested was that I position him on all fours so I could “see everything” and fuck his ass (with whatever was at hand, I guess? I can’t remember if he specified). He couched it as something he’d be doing for me, of course (which is doubly funny because my preference is for him to be on his back; he’s the one who seems to adore being on all fours). He used a lot of flowery language about how he’d be submitting to me. I wonder what his deal is? He clearly enjoys the feeling of stuff in his ass, but there seems to be a bit more to it; a humiliation factor, maybe? Like he wants his asshole clearly visible to me because it’s more invasive that way? Does he just feel weird about his desires and not want me to make eye contact while I penetrate him? I just don’t know.

But after making out with him some more and putting wrist restraints on him, I briskly said “Okay. Face down, ass up” and patted the mattress. His breath gave that adorable little hitch of arousal and he immediately assumed the position. I fastened his wrists to the headboard just to add to the overall effect of him being prostrate and powerless. He seemed to enjoy this. I fucked his ass slowly with my lubed finger for, I don’t know, a long time. Then I replaced my finger with a steel plug and undid his wrists. The Pedant clambered into a kneeling position on the bed next to me. It’s unclear where he was going with that but I started kissing and caressing him. He said he didn’t want to come too soon and I said “Oh, you won’t be coming for a good long while” and he gasped in anticipation. Or terror. More likely terrified anticipation.

I kept on kissing and caressing him and even lubed my hands and started touching his cock, sometimes idly, sometimes – briefly – rubbing him vigorously and with intention…but always stopping just as his breath began to speed up. I reached between his thighs to rattle the base of the plug and make him gasp. I made eye contact and made sure he saw me lick my fingers before applying them, smooth and slippery, to his nipples.

After a while, I said “Right, so let’s set up the underbed thing.” He managed to shake off his sexual stupor and we passed the straps under the bed to each other. Turns out I’d forgotten one of the ankle restraints at home somehow but the kit came with a length of nylon strap so I just used that to tie his ankle to the bondage ring. The rest of his limbs got proper restraints, and then he was spread-eagled.

I climbed aboard and began to ride and his reactions were slightly anticlimactic. I blame the condom.** Or maybe I overstimulated him with the hours of teasing, but anyway I miss the times when he’d gasssssssp as I slid him inside me and whimper any time I teased him by pulling back. But I forged ahead, thrusting and fingering his nipples. After a while he said, in a surprisingly neutral tone, “You’re going to make me come if you keep doing that.”

“Do you want to come?” I asked (I couldn’t tell if he was warning me for my sake, or indicating that he didn’t want things to end yet). My question unleashed a torrent of really, really hot begging, and in retrospect I wish I’d kept him on edge some more and really savoured that. But instead I granted permission and started thrusting hard and fast and he went sailing over the edge – again with a bit less of a physical fanfare than I might have liked, but what can you do?

Overall it was a good night indeed, and gave me exactly what I needed. Plus The Pedant insisted on paying me back extra to cover not only the hotel as promised, but the food I’d bought and the tip I’d left for the cleaning lady.


*I always carry a big piece of fabric with me to sit on when I’m modelling, and I’d come directly from a gig, remember.

**I’ve  started using condoms with him again because I assume barebacking privileges have transferred to that stupid girlfriend he waxed so lyrical about. Although, come to think of it, I never actually asked about that; I just assumed he’d want me to use one and he didn’t stop me. I have now texted him letting him know that I only did that for his benefit and if I’m wrong about the situation to let me know. I prefer him bare.



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4 responses to “Pedant Time

  1. Isla Sinclair

    Wheee-ewww, Cowgirl got laid! How awesome.

    (And…what is it you DO get out of sex with The Dandy? He seems to fail at so many of the important things!)

    • I’m gonna say MISMATCH rather than fail, but yeah, it’s not ideal.

      BUT! If I ever want an orgasm during PIV, his workmanlike delivery and ability to stay hard even with minimal thrusting is FANTASTIC. I can do the Hitachi sandwich thing with him and he gets me there. The Pedant can’t. And for that matter The Pedant has often tried to make me orgasm the way HE thinks I should while The Dandy just lets my body be what it is and does what I need him to, which is a big damn deal.

    • Also I’m really, REALLY visually driven and he has a pretty face and a cock that I think may have been made in a lab somewhere to my exact specifications. I stare at him til my eyes hurt. Guhhhhhhh. *Drool*

      • Isla Sinclair

        Yeah okay, “He’s super hot to me physically, and also he lets my body do what it does without trying to impose his ideas on it” — that’s fair. 😀

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