Well then.

Lots of turmoil since my last post but where we landed is: Dandette is back together with The Dandy. And I’m still with him, too. And we’ve decided to be a family.

The Dandy’s smugness over (kind of) having a harem is still irritating as fuck to me, and the reactions we’ll get from other people will doubtless be irritating as fuck, too (I assume people will think she and I are both submissive and yearning to please and worship our man, rather than two people who just happen to love the same person and needed a place to live), but that’s no reason to fuck up something that seems to be working.

Almost all my stuff is moved in now, btw, and Dandette hung a bunch of my paintings all over the walls and made space in shelves and closets for me so I really feel like I’m part of the household. She has my back when I’m anxious and I have hers, and this is one reason The Dandy feels okay to get back together with her – she won’t be leaning on just him all the time. Although I’ve told him this is not a free pass to just delegate her stuff to me all the time because I’m also anxious and know how to deal with it – I’ll be teaching him stuff so he’s more effective, too.

We got on the waiting list for a three-bedroom apartment in the same building. It’ll probably take a few months for anything to come available, but that’s okay.

The three-bedrooms consist of a big master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, and on the other side of the apartment, two smaller bedrooms side-by-side with one bathroom attached to share. When we first talked about upgrading apartments, Dandette called dibs on the master bedroom – and since things were strained between us and her, The Dandy and I tentatively agreed to this. New plan: The Dandy takes the master bedroom and buys a king-size bed so we can all sleep together if we want (and this will also be the bedroom where any Dandy-fucking takes place) and Dandette and I take the other two bedrooms. In this way, if someone’s gettin’ laid, the other doesn’t have to try to fall asleep to the sounds. Plus all our makeup and shit can be compiled in one bathroom – ideal for sharing. 😀

On a whole other note, I recently met up with a lovely American submissive from FetLife who liked my posts and decided to take a road trip to explore Canada and take me to dinner. We hit it off and spent like three solid days together (mostly at the Air BnB where he was staying). And on the last night, Dandette invited him to dinner(!) and it went really well(!). The FL boy is poly and seemed unfazed by our weird little family dynamic, and is also personable as hell and expressed genuine interest in The Dandy and Dandette’s lives and hobbies. The Dandy wasn’t weird at all. And later, when the boy had gone and The Dandy was in the bedroom doing internetty things, I gushed to Dandette in the living room about how perfect the boy was and she said “we have a perfect boy here, too. You should go make sure he knows” – looking out for The Dandy’s feelings, just in case. So I went into the bedroom to check up on him, but he was totally, totally fine. And I thanked him for being such a good sport and told him that when a partner is supportive of my other romantic and sexual adventures it makes me love him even more, and he saw all the love beaming out of my eyes and he beamed a bunch back.

Oh also when it was time for FetLife-boy to leave our place and I walked him to the bus stop, he said something along the lines of “The Dandy is really cute. Go you!” – this boy is not bi, he was just showing me that he accepted my poly family and liked my partner. And then we made out a whole bunch while we waited for his bus.

My life is awesome.

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  1. Isla Sinclair

    OMG this does sound pretty great. And “Dandette” is an awesome nickname for your metamour here, lol.

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