It’s funny things worked out this way because before Dandette even invited me to live here, I was beginning to open my mind to the idea of roommates. A bachelor apartment in this city costs $900-$1300/month, but I kept seeing roommate ads that were like “Come share our luxury four-bedroom apartment that has a dishwasher and two bathrooms and granite countertops! $700.” And the rooms in these places are not much smaller than the living space in one of the aforementioned bachelors, plus obviously I’d get access to a big living room and some great amenities.

Except I don’t think I could stand to respond to an ad like that and move into a place with a bunch of strangers. I could gather up some friends and we could all seek a big giant apartment together from scratch, but my friends all live paycheque to paycheque and I have my dodgy freelance gigs so I don’t think we’d look great on an application, and even if we got in somewhere there’d be the constant stress of someone or other being like “I don’t think I can pay my portion of the rent this month. Who can cover me?” every few months. Plus the only people I can think of who’d even maybe be up for a giant-apartment-with-roommates situation are my friend Red and (eventually) her long-distance fiance whom I’ve met once, and I’d be leery about that for a bunch of reasons.

And now I’ve found two people I feel okay to live with, and The Dandy makes enough to afford the entire place on his own so there’s never going to be any terrified scrambling to make ends meet. He can afford a bigger place than this, too, so he’ll be the one putting his name on apartment applications and they will accept him immediately because of his mighty money, so I won’t have to go through the application stress, either (I finally asked him outright how much he makes, btw. I might as well know if we’re dating and I’m living with him. $93,000).

AND, Dandette has shown she’s able to live with The Dandy platonically even if she still has feelings for him, and I know I can handle heavy emotional shit pretty well if I have to, so if the romantic part of things goes sideways with either of us, we can still probably make the cohabitation work.

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