Sex Stuff

Physically, sex with the Dandy is…kind of boring. I expected this; he’s a Taurus (yes, I kind of believe in astrology, shut up) and they are known for being kind of workman-like in the sack. Most of the time he just gets on top, puts his face in the crook of my neck, and thrusts away until he comes. I feel like I can’t really contribute much from the bottom aside from some moaning. The way I have to move when I’m on top wears me out really fast, though.

Last time we hung out we discussed our wank fantasies and he said (not for the first time) that he mostly just fantasizes about vanilla sex. I asked if he was on the top or bottom usually and he said top. So I guess things are fine.

A few times, after this mechanical missionary sex, I’ve noticed him sniffling even though he did not previously have a stuffy nose. His face is still in my neck so I can’t see his expression but I suspect he might be having crygasms. That’s intriguing…

The other day after he got off he went to the bathroom to clean up, leaving me to get myself off without accompaniment. I think that’s just goddamned rude. If it seems like he’s gonna do it again I’ll tell him not to.

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