A Wild Pedant Appears

I texted The Pedant telling him about my neighbour situation and asking him if he would come over sometime and help me paint and/or clean so I can move out (every time I make a single sound, the harpy downstairs loses her shit, so I’m afraid to do these things alone). I figured it was a long shot but what the hell. The Pedant broke up with me so he woulnd’t have to cut a set of keys, but he’s helped me with household stuff before.

The Pedant said yeah, he could probably help but he didn’t know when yet. I assumed this was a “soft rejection” and that would be the end of it.

But he came through. A few days later he said he could come over THAT NIGHT, crash here, and help me the next day. I said I had to work the next day but if he wanted to stay and paint by himself…I was being facetious but HE SAID YES.

He arrived at 11:30 and was quiet so as not to incur Harpy’s wrath, even though he’s not the least bit afraid of her. Obeying the noise bylaws so she’ll have no amunition, I guess, or simply respecting my wish to avoid riling her up.

His physical presence is so comforting to me. He knows legal stuff and he knows how to talk me down and he sees Harpy as a nuisance rather than a threat, so when he’s here I can see her that way a little, too. Plus The Pedant is a security guard and has training in how to take someone down if necessary. And he stays calm in emergencies. And he’s big and furry and warm.

We stood in my hallway, talking quietly as he took his boots off. I felt a glimmer of attraction, but it was easily ignored. I assumed he wasn’t into me anymore and was there as a friend. But when his shoes were off and I’d vented all my fear and stress and I launched myself at him for a hug, he did that tiny-intake-of-breath thing that he always did back when there was sexual tension and I finally made my move. I filed that away in my brain as a point of interest.

We moved to my bed to talk some more(my idea; it’s a loft bed, so further away from Harpy’s prying ears than my couch). He said he thought I should know that he has “a full time partner” now. He said he really did mean our split to be a”break” and not a breakup but then he met this chick and just fell so hard. He apologized for handling things badly. I said I actually assumed it WAS a breakup and hadn’t been waiting for him or anything.

Soon it was time for sleep. I called dibs onthe bed (because further from Harpy) – I said he could sleep next to me or on the couch, whichever. He gave me a look I couldn’t interpret and said “I’m comfortable sharing a bed with you.” Then he looked embarrassed and said he hadn’t thought to bring pajamas. I said I could lend him something and oddly he shrugged and said he didn’t care. He ducked out into my hallway and I heard the doffing of clothing. I lay there wondering if he would return naked or in boxers or what.


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  1. irrelevant

    i’m on the edge of my seat. also good luck w the moving.

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