On Sunday I had that discussion with The Dandy where I basically said his issues with Dandette were causing a big problem for us and something needed to change.

It seemed as though I’d given him a lot to think about so I backed off a bit.

By Wednesday I still hadn’t heard from him and began to wonder if he thought I’d broken up with him or if my demand for a game plan going forward had been unclear. I pinged him a “how are you” text.

The next morning he replied that he’s okay, work has been busy, blah blah blah. As an afterthought he sent a second text asking “how are you?”

I said I’m okay but I’m wondering if he’s come to any conclusions about the stuff we discussed on Sunday. I said if he needed more processing time that’s fine.

He hasn’t responded at all but it’s only been a day and he can be a sporadic texter at the best of times.

Still, though. As easygoing and open as he seems, and as self-aware as he sometimes is, I think The Dandy doesn’t have much idea of how to talk through relationship issues in a rational way. I thought he did but upon reflection that was all me explaining an issue of mine in a rational way and asking him for a certain behaviour and he said yes.

So I doubt I’m going to get the kind of interaction I’m looking for, here.

I wonder if he’ll just never speak to me again because he doesn’t know what to say? I wonder how long I should wait, and if when I’m done waiting I should try one more time to have a discussion, or simply say “well then. I guess we’re done here.”?

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