A friend told me about a site where you can get paid to text with people. This is relevant to my interests. I’ve set up a profile.

Now, the profile has this animated .gif thing by way of showing the world what I look like. I managed – with difficulty – to get that completed. But I want to add more photos of myself and for some fucking reason they’ll only let you do that through a Facebook or Instagram account. I do not want my Facebook account linked to this site in any way, for obvious reasons. So I made an Instagram account.

So…do the people at Instagram just assume that everyone on the fucking planet has an iPhone and will only be accessing their shitty website from it, or…? Because I’m on the site on my laptop and it told me I need to download the app before I can share any pics. So I downloaded it, thinking “…but isn’t an “app” a thing for mobile phones? But okay, sure, it says to download this thing so I will.” And sure enough this is a mobile phone thing and won’t open on my laptop. And upon closer inspection of the description in the app store, it seems like the app only works with the iPhone’s OS. And I kind of have an iPhone, but it’s very old (so, OS version is probably way out of date) and a hand-me-down from Minx (thus still requiring her password to download shit, and I don’t know what that is) so I’m probably pretty much fucked.

I’m so fucking pissed off right now. Why doesn’t their site recognize that I’m ACCESSING IT FROM MY GODDAMNED LAPTOP and do away with the whole “app” thing? Every other website can tell whether or not I’m on my phone…


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5 responses to “GODFUCKINGDAMMIT

  1. trillian

    typically any laptop running windows 7 or higher can also do “apps”. did you try going to the windows store and search for the app there?

  2. trillian

    it’s also possible to set up a new apple ID and then start using the phone with that:


  3. Nameless McNameless

    I don’t know if this link will help – https://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/uploading-photos-computer-instagram
    it looks like you would still have to use some other program but it might suit?
    Of course just being able to use instagram from your laptop would be the ultimate option

  4. hi, I know this is possibly not super helpful, but instagram definitely works with non-apple phones – I have an android and it runs fine on that. I don’t think it’s designed to work on laptops, which I agree is stupid.

    • My phone is a Blackberry though and noooobody makes apps for those. I mean maybe I’m wrong this time but there have been like ten other times that I wanted to download a popular, useful app and it was made for every kind of phone but mine. 😛

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