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I looked at an apartment today that I think I want.


  • Weird-shaped rooms. Like, the living room isn’t even square, it slants.
  • Not a ton of closet space, unless I was too anxious to see straight, which is a thing that happens. One of the closets is wedge shaped, btw – deep on the left side and shallow on the right because of how the wall slants. It’s suboptimal but I can live with it.
  • No bigger than my current place, which is a shame – I’m totally itching for more room. Not the end of the world though, especially since I plan on getting rid of a lot of stuff.
  • More expensive than my current place, but everything comparable to my current place will be.


  • I didn’t have an appointment to view it. I was actually just walking through the neighbourhood writing down info on every apartment building, and the super happened to see me and invited me in to see what they had. It bodes well for me that the super notices when something might need doing and does it.
  • Super says he and his wife have been there since 1990.
  • They say they’ve never had bedbugs in the building, and appears to agree.
  • The lobby is well-kept and has many healthy plants in it. The halls are clean.
  • It’s in one of the neighbourhoods I specifically want to live in. I’ll be closer to almost every model gig I ever have.
  • The building was super quiet.
  • There’s this weird vestibule on the way to the kitchen – a little square too small to count as a room – that seems like the perfect place to put the cats’ litterbox and bowls. I’m really psyched to have a place for cat stuff that doesn’t get in my way! No more litterbox taking up the whole bathroom! No more tripping over bowls in the kitchen!

The wife-part of the superintendent couple said she’d run out of hard copy applications so she took my email address to send me one that way. That was hours ago and I haven’t gotten anything. I have since stumbled across the ad for the place on and there’s an email link so I emailed a friendly prompt (in case she misread my handwriting or whatever – now she can just click Reply to send me the thing).

It’s a bit weird that it’s almost the end of the month and the place hasn’t been snapped up. I bet the weird slanty rooms put people off. Their loss will hopefully be my gain.

Incidentally, the lady asked what I do for a living and I told her I’m an art model (yeah, I’m stupid and don’t learn) and she, too, was like “Oh, what kind of art do you teach?” Must be a language barrier thing. I should totally just tell people I’m a teaching assistant. It’s true-ish and would neatly bypass the naked aspect of my job.

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