So I’m still apartment hunting and rental costs in my city are even worse than I thought. Most bachelor apartments cost like $200 a month more than the one-bedroom I’m currently in! That’s gonna pinch me during my busier work seasons and kill me in the summer.

In other news, tonight I hung out with a guy I’ve mentioned before who I was interested in having as a play partner but then he offered to pay me and I was like “…Or we could do that, too.” Turns out he’s the kind of guy who pops up out of the blue only to get his itch scratched, which makes me feel like a service provider anyway, so it works out. I do genuinely find him attractive and for the most part have fun during our sessions, although I get him off every time and he totes hasn’t even tried to reciprocate so there’s another good reason to pay me.

Anyway. I’m more and more drawn to the idea of sugaring, lately. Just finding one guy who I genuinely like, who wants physical affection from someone on a regular basis without a lot of drama or strings. Many guys have told me that I have a really soothing touch/give a good massage/seem to know just how to touch them, and I know I’m good at making a person feel wanted. I figure a night or two of fucking a week and I could get most of my rent paid.

The thing is, sugar daddies overwhelmingly seem to want some 19 year old ingenue looking for help with school. I seem to attract men okay in general but that particular demographic might be a tough one to pitch to. 😛


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  1. hey there! dunno if this is too far past the point of being helpful, but if you’re looking to dive a little more into sex work, i would strongly advise against sugaring being your next move, based on stuff you’ve written (so you know, take this with a bag of salt, cause we don’t *actually* know one another). getting sugar clients usually works out to be waaaay more work (especially emotional labor manbaby shit) than regular ones, and in my experience at least, they don’t actually wind up really providing the stability that theoretically, you’re trading off more time and energy in order to have. the couple of successful sugar clients i have are ones who just started out as regular clients, and transitioned up. if you ever want to talk about it more in depth, feel free to shoot me an email.

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