The Dandy, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is wicked smart and knows things about a broad range of topics. I find this ludicrously hot. Especially because he doesn’t lecture or act condescending or anything – he never thinks it’s stupid that I don’t know a thing. He’s just jazzed about sharing the stuff he knows, and he explains it in a way I can understand.

One time, after I’d begun to realize just how smart he is, I told The Dandy how a lot of people don’t get my sense of humour, and how I said probably the wittiest thing I’ll ever say one time and nobody picked up on it and when I tried to brag about the witty remark to other people later on, they didn’t get it, either. The Dandy asked me what the witty thing was. I told him I’d been on a roll of making terrible eyeball puns and I capped it off by saying “Heh heh, just a little vitreous humour there, folks.” The Dandy laughed and said “the liquid inside people’s eyes!” and yup, that’s what vitreous humour is. He got it. He’s the only one who ever got it out of like ten people I told it to. 😀

It appears that I hold some intelligence Easter eggs for him, too. One time – a propos of nothing, I think, just making conversation – The Dandy told me that there’s a thing that can happen where twins get mashed into a single person in the womb. Not conjoined twins but one person, and that person will have different DNA in different parts of their body. I nodded and said “chimerism” and he seemed delighted that I knew that word.

I’m glad that I can hold my own with him at least a little on the intellectual front.

Related: the situation with my neighbours is getting ridiculous and it feels like they’re eavesdropping on me all the time just waiting for me to do something they can bitch about. As such, I recently told The Dandy that I’d really like to get a good pounding where I don’t have to worry about being quiet, so if he had a time he could host, please let me know. He volunteered a time when he was free and Dandette would be away. Perfect. Anyway, we both enjoy horrible puns so I texted him referring to this plan as “doing a little astronomy” because he’ll be studying my heavenly body and there may well be a big bang. He said “isn’t the big bang cosmology? It’ll be a night of interdisciplinary studies.” I said I’d be thoroughly “Galilei’d” and added that I very much enjoy “a night of interdisciplinary studies” as a euphemism for sex. In fact I think I’ll use it in future. Maybe it will become a “thing” for us.



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2 responses to “Sapiosexy!

  1. Brian

    I liked the vitreous humor bit. Those that didn’t get it need to get out more.

    Your interdisciplinary studies take on a whole new meaning when you think about the kind of “discipline” you can bring to a situation. Have fun cramming for the exam!

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