Apartment hunting

Yesterday I finally sat down and really hardcore looked for places to live. (Well, first I stood up and looked, by walking around my preferred neighbourhood. But it was really cold outside and I realized I could just as easily scope places out online anyway.)

I compiled a big list of available places, within my budget, in areas I want to live in. Some of the building websites even posted floor plans so I could see how big the prospective place might be. I’ve mostly resigned myself to having to downgrade to a bachelor apartment, but damn, most of the floor plans I saw showed a bigger living space than I have now. Or if not bigger overall, at least the main space was quite a bit larger than my current living room, which is where I spend the vast majority of my time, anyway. I don’t think I’d feel too pinched, living in a place twice the size of my living room that also has more closets than I have now.

But then I remembered that bedbugregistry.com exists and I started looking up all the buildings on my list that I had actual addresses for. And almost every single one had a huuuuuge list of reports and a lot of the time people mentioned cockroaches and mice, too. Sounds like most buildings, if someone gets bedbugs or roaches, they’ll only spray the affected unit, not the whole building*. And all this does is drive the pests into surrounding units until the poison wears off and then they come right on back.

I’m freaking out. It feels like nowhere is safe (except here. The guy across the hall got bedbugs a few years back and the landlords got the whole place sprayed immediately, and a second spray the next week to follow up. No bedbugs ever made it into my place and there have been no incidents since).

I hate living here because the neighbours make me miserable. I don’t want to live in another converted house because they’re never soundproof and usually the layout is weird and there aren’t enough closets. I was liking the idea of a high rise because the apartments would actually be designed as apartments, with closets and a nice layout and good soundproofing. But having that many people living in one place also means a way higher potential of someone bringing in some critters.

And technically even if the bedbug registry doesn’t have any reports on a place it may just be a coincidence. Not everyone knows the site exists.

My anxiety is going nuts and I don’t know what to do. 😦


*Okay I can see how they wouldn’t want to have to spray 500 apartments every time one person has a vermin problem but shit, how about at least doing the affected unit and all the adjoining ones?

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