A gift from me to me.

Found some acceptable pajamas, btw. At Winners. They’re a couple of inches too short (of course) but they’re only $24 and I like the pattern. Plus they’re made of polar fleece so I feel like I’m getting a big hug – which I’ve just realized is the main reason I’d been wanting new pajamas – to feel adorable and be hugged to sleep whether I have someone else around to do those things or not.

I have cats and pajamas for the feeling of floofy hugs now. And I recently bought a Squeel oral sex simulator. Men are obsolete.


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3 responses to “A gift from me to me.

  1. Moz in Oz

    Yay! Full size clothes!

    I kinda sympathise… my household got into onesies last winter (Australian time) and they’re really comfy and convenient. Also funny.

    But turns out that they’re made in China for Chinese people. The first “extra tall” is probably nearly tall enough, except that the legs are spindly and I can barely get my feet through, let alone my thighs. Luckily I found an “extra tall, also extra wide” one that actually kinda fits… after I added 20cm to the arm and leg lengths. Sadly, no colour match – green polarfleece is rare here so the inserts are hazmat orange. I’m only about 180cm tall, too, it’s not like I’m Dutch or something.

    I like my jazzosaur suit – a green dinosaur with fluffy arm and legwarmer sections.

  2. Brian

    Men are obsolete? Bummer. But congrats on the successful PJ hunt!

    Maybe you should do a side by side taste test with the Squeel and some lucky human volunteer. You know, just to be sure . . .

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