Bumped into The Dandy last night as I was going to a job and he was coming home from his. He’s doing Movember so his face is all furry. I don’t specifically go for guys with facial hair but it looks really good on him.

I felt a surge of nostalgia and kind of wanted to start things up with him again – he’s my age, he’s sweet, he’s attentive, he’s cute, he knows how to stroke my inner elbow until I collapse in a puddle of endorphins – but I resisted the urge to act on this. I’m very much in the phase of my Pedant post-breakup where I want a guy around just to be a human band-aid and give me attention and that’s not fair. If I invited The Dandy back into my life I’d probably lose interest in a few weeks and he’d get hurt.

Also there’s still his whole fucked-up situation with his ex gf living with him. I mean, when I came for dinner one night she started doing this thing where every time The Dandy caressed me, she insisted he do the exact same thing to her. I would consider this inappropriate even from someone he was actually dating but they’ve been broken up for over a year! And his face did not seem to register her blatant insecurity and attention whoring as a red flag! He never spoke to her about her behaviour as far as I know, or explained that she’s not in competition with me or that there would be plenty of time for them to snuggle if she wanted to but can we please save it for sometime that he’s not on a date with someone else.

So, y’know. Fuck that.

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