I’ve been making an effort to try to see the attractiveness in people my age and over, lately. I’d like to find a long-term partner and you know what they say about the definition of insanity, so I’m figuring it might behoove me to set my sights on people who aren’t in their 20s for a change. There are lots of middle-aged people and senior citizens in art classes – both teaching and drawing – so I’m kind of subtly trying to acclimate myself to seeing the men as men and not dads. Not that I intend on asking out the actual people I work with. It’s just a mental exercise to prepare me for broadening my preferred age range on dating sites.

Anyway there was some older guy at a drawing class recently and I could see perhaps a spark of attractiveness to him. But then a bunch of people got into a discussion about height, and how most people are about seven heads tall but I (…they squinted and measured with their fingers…) am eight heads tall.

One of the women said “Ooooh, eight heads tall gives a really heroic look.”

The dude I’d been scoping out said “No, on women it’s glamorous. On men it’s heroic.” And that was the end of me finding him at all appealing. Fuck off with your gender essentialism, dude. I can be heroic or glamorous and I get to choose which.

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