Once upon a time, my Fetlife profile mentioned that I’m an art model. Until I got messaged by a local kinkster who came off really creepy/douchey and is also an art model.

He had photos that included his face, so I was able to establish to my satisfaction that he was not someone I’d met or heard of. But the art community here is not super huge so I might very well work with this douchey guy one day. And on that hypothetical day, I didn’t want him putting together that I was that bitch who’d rejected him or I was that chick who likes pegging or whatever. I blocked him and deleted the art model mention on my profile.

I’m really glad I did because a gross guy just hit on me in a spectacularly awkward fashion and I realized that I know him. He’s a photographer who lent out his studio (aka a room in his apartment with a cloth backdrop hung on one wall) for a photoshoot I was in. It was someone else actually taking my picture, but Gross Guy of course was the one to answer the door when we arrived, and he gave me kind of an icky vibe (and my photographer told me things that confirmed this vibe). And thanks to his behaviour on Fetlife he seems a thousand times ickier to me now.

But I seriously doubt that he realizes who I am (no face pics, no mention of what I do for a living) and now I’ve blocked him so if he suddenly thinks “Hey wait, something about her reminds me of that one model chick, I wonder if it’s her?” he can’t scour my profile for clues.

Close one.


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3 responses to “Gahhhh.

  1. Moz in Oz

    I got the impression from MayMay that fetlie is not at all private. So you may want to see if there is more you need to do to make sure your blocking works, and your editing isn’t ineffectual. Hopefully they’ve changed in a good way, but you should confirm that.

    • Well, iirc MayMay’s issue is that FL is fairly easily *hacked*. I do not think this schmuck who hit on me would know how to do that so it’s probably fine.

      Also: hey, you’re alive! Long time no see!

      • Oh yes, “long time reader, infrequent commenter” or something. I still find your posts interesting.

        Also, it’s summer here so … you know, I hate to say this to a Canadian… but winter is over! It’s no longer cold (ahem. 10 degrees Celcius is cold here, ok). I’m liking the 30 degree days.

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