Finally full

I must say I’m really enjoying this…metabolic slowdown or whatever it is. I don’t have a near-constant thumpy feeling in my solar plexus anymore, rattling my body and giving me the shakes. If I go a while without eating, my stomach almost never feels like it’s trying to digest itself. I eat a meal and usually I still feel satisfied even an hour later. Holy shit.

Like seriously, no exaggeration, up until a few weeks ago hunger was this fucking constant albatross around my neck. Keeping my body powered-up enough to function was a never-ending chore. And now suddenly I’m free.

I’m not sure if my recent weight gain is correlation or causation but if it’s a causation thing – if whatever changed in my body to make the constant, pounding hunger go away resulted in me packing on some pounds – the trade-off is totally worth it. Totally.


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