I have a date this Friday with a dude from FetLife.

I should probably take some alone-time (well, no new partners, anyway) to get over The Pedant a little bit but I got lonely and wanted some attention so here we are.

This guy seems likeable and interesting. He’s 38, and (therefore?) knows how to actually make conversation. He’s clearly interested in me and excited to be talking to me (we’ll see if that changes once he sees the face pics I sent him, ha ha). He has a really flexible work schedule, which is ideal for me: sometimes my wacky schedule makes it really hard to get together with people who have conventional day jobs.

I’ve seen pictures of him. He completely just looks like some random dudebro. I mean I think if we hit it off personality-wise I’ll find him attractive but the pics alone are just…random dudebro. And it gives me cognitive dissonance, big time, because he’s pretty mushy and an open communicator and those are not qualities I associate with dudebros.

Soooo we’ll see how this goes.

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