This guy I supposedly have a date with tomorrow – he has a night job. Before he left for it last night, he messaged me saying he hoped to see pics of my face soon so he could dream about me (we’d talked about exchanging pics, and I’d told him I’d link him to some when I got home from work in the evening).

I’d actually sent those links sooner than anticipated (the pic I thought I hadn’t uploaded to my pic-sharing site, I actually had but forgot, so I could in fact send the link from my phone while I was on a break at work).

So when he was all “It’s so great talking to you! I can’t wait to meet you! I sure hope I get to see your face soon and look into your eyes! Okay I’ll message you when I get home from work” I messaged back saying “Oh, I sent pics like 4 hours ago. We must have been typing at the same time and you missed ’em. Scroll up. :)”

I just woke up. He would have gotten off work about six hours ago. He has not messaged me.

I’m trying not to jump to conclusions but, I mean, this is someone who was writing to me nearly constantly for the past day or two and he happened to stop after fully seeing what I look like.

I hope if he thinks I’m hideous he has the balls to cancel our date instead of just leaving everything up in the air.

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