I posed for a class on September 16th and this fucking school hasn’t paid me yet. The instructor copied me on an email a few weeks ago where she asked the accounting people what was up with that. I never got any response. When I posed for her again the other day she asked if I’d heard from accounting and I said “No, and you haven’t either?” and she was like “No, how weird.” But she didn’t offer to get in touch with them again or anything, and that’s bullshit. Champion me, dammit! You actually work for the school – you’re not a lowly contractor like me – so you actually hold some power here. Not to mention if you want to keep on having great models in your class it behooves you to make sure they get paid.

But she seems pretty indifferent so a couple days ago I emailed the accounting people again being all “Helllooooooooo? September 16th? I need to get paid? Anyone….?” (Not literally. I was marginally more polite.) And still nothing.

By the way, the class in question had had the time changed and the limp dishrag instructor completely forgot to tell me. I got there for 2:30 and sat awkwardly in the classroom for half an hour in just my bathrobe while students straggled in and talked amongst themselves. Finally I asked one of them if I was in the right place or what and they said they thought the time of the class had changed. The instructor finally wandered in at 3pm and greeted me without registering that anything was up. Only when I said “So heeeey…is this class not actually from 2:30-5:30?” did she suddenly realize what had happened. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!” she said. “It got changed to 3-6 and it totally didn’t occur to me to tell you.” It didn’t occur to her to tell the model for the class what time the class was. How the fuck does that even happen? How do you not think of the model when you’re thinking about who’ll be affected by the time change?

I’m supposed to pose for her at the end of the month – a class that starts at 8:30am. I’m emphatically not a morning person and the school is an hour away from my house so I’d have to wake up at 6:30 in order to get ready and get there on time. And then I have another class to pose for way the hell across town three hours after that one ends. I took that morning gig back when I was still panicking and trying to recover from the financial wasteland that was my summer, but TBH the logistics of it kind of make me wanna die.

And since the school apparently has a lax attitude toward paying me and the instructor doesn’t give a shit, I just emailed her cancelling that gig. THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

I don’t know what to do about the lack of payment, though, especially since the instructor doesn’t seem willing to go to bat for me. I may email her specifically telling her to go to the accounting department and talk to them in person since they’re ignoring the emails. If she’s still being an ambivalent asshole I guess I’ll have to try to phone these people, but I hate using the phone.

In the meantime, I have other gigs coming up at that school with a different instructor whom I’ve never met before. Part of me wants to cancel everything because fuck that school for not paying me. Another part doesn’t want to lose out on the money for those gigs (although, would I make money? Maybe this pay fuckup is the start of a trend) and feels that I should go make a connection with this instructor and impress the hell out of her (because a lot of art instructors teach in several venues so this could get me into other places). And anyway if the pay situation keeps fucking up, maybe she’ll have the sense to get pissed off about it and go give ’em hell.

So I’m gonna stay the course for now. But I’m annoyed.

There’s another school that fucked up my pay, too – way bigger pay – and I just now got compensated for a $225 gig from September 12th. That accounting chick at least looked into it fairly promptly and emailed me back, although when I asked her to mail the cheque by a fast and trackable method instead of just regular post (because it’s hundreds of dollars of my fucking money that I should have gotten at least a month ago and it’s the school’s fault I didn’t) she ignored me completely.

I just feel like screaming at these people, “Do you understand that modelling is not a hobby for me? THIS IS HOW I PAY MY RENT. YOU ARE FUCKING WITH MY LIVELIHOOD.”

Like, I have about a thousand dollars right now that’s just kind of…out in the ether. I did the work, I got the wear and tear on my body from the work, I got the exhaustion from the work, but the money for the work is just swirling around a bunch of different payroll departments and/or the postal system rather than sitting in my bank account. And I’m not even talking about fuckups, here, I mean it’s like this all through the school year even when everything’s running optimally. The schools have a payroll cycle of a few weeks. A gig in the middle of the month might not actually get processed and a cheque made out until the end of the month. And then (in most cases) it still has to go through the mail.

I hate this.


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