I hate my brain.

One additional added stress with the whole neighbour thing is that I’m kinda faceblind, especially when I’m scared.

So basically, the neighbours downstairs hate me and have a vendetta against me and I have no idea what they look like. Him, I’ll recognize as long as I see him in the building. Her, well…a friend of hers lives in the basement apartment and they’re both short cute white chicks with long dark hair so even in the building I can’t know for sure if it’s her or not.

Either of them, if I passed them on the street I wouldn’t know them at all, except maybe if they were giving me dirty looks I’d piece it together.

As far as I know they have a car (and she never leaves the house as far as I can tell, anyway) so I’m not at all likely to run into them anywhere. But it freaks me out that I could and that I won’t be prepared for it because human faces (especially ones that I’ve only seen in one specific context and/or while feeling anxious) make no sense to me.

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