A couple weeks ago when I prompted The Pedant as to whether he’d gotten keys cut for himself yet, he whined at me that he’s been working a lot lately and has “a rather uncomfortable infection” (jock itch from it being unseasonably warm lately). He works right downtown and I feel like it would probably not be that difficult to go get keys on his lunch break or on his way home, but whatever. I’d feel like a shrew if I argued that point with him.

And now I’m still waiting for him to propose a time when he’ll come over and we’ll hash out our relationship issues and hopefully fix things. I would imagine that really would be awkward to do with an itchy crotch infection, both because it’s distracting/uncomfortable and because it would preclude us from having makeup sex, if makeup sex presented itself. And the medicated cream he’s using apparently takes a few weeks to work.

I just checked his Facebook page and he’s recently gone to a concert.

Again – I would feel like a shrew if I policed him to that extent, insisting that he’s not allowed to have any kind of life until he gets our relationship talk over with. I’m not going to say anything to him about this concert. Yet.

But I’m pissed off.

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  1. jooyous

    I was going write this on the post where you said you wanted him to break up with you — I think you’re really overestimating how systematic/verbal/organized his cognition is about this whole thing. Or relationships in general. I think if you keep reminding him about that fight, he’s going to avoid it and you indefinitely because errrghhh. Then, if enough time goes by and the discomfort goes away, he might be communicable again enough to set up meeting times and/or show up to something or etc. Isn’t that kinda what happened last time? Those emails from the first time around just kinda didn’t get addressed? Then, if you fuck again, he’ll say “I assume we’ll be seeing each other more” exactly the way he did last time. Without ever actually deciding to Be In a Relationship, the way *you* might think about one, where you have to compromise or to do certain things. And he’ll have no idea that it might be casual non-feelings sex from your perspective, or if that’s even a thing that matters.

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