A gastrointestinal miracle!

Lately I’ve been needing a lot less food than usual to get through my days. Like…on days that I’m working, I usually eat like a freaking horse. For a nine hour day of posing I might bring three one litre things of drinkable yogurt, a container of salad with salmon or chicken on top, some protein bars, and maybe a package of nuts or something – and finish it all by the end of the day. And sometimes still be hungry.

My last two intense nine-hour animation school shifts, I had one or two drinkable yogurts and barely touched my salad over the course of the day and I still posed as hard as ever.On the bus home I was a bit hungry, but not the deep, gnawing, full-body shakes level of hunger that is usually my permanent state of being unless I shovel food into my mouth nearly constantly. And I have more energy and don’t get sore as easily.

I don’t know what the fuck happened but I hope it keeps going. It’s nice, being able to get things done after work instead of being completely drained and needing to lie down. It’s nice not feeling desperately hungry all the time at work and then being all bloated and farty after my lunch break because I’m doing strenuous activity too soon after a big meal. It’s nice not having chronic back and neck pain.

Well actually the pain has begun to come back, but I think that’s because I have the extra stress of The Pedant seeming like he’s passively breaking up with me plus the drama with my downstairs neighbours. Before this weird shift in metabolism (or whatever it is) I would feel this achy just from work alone.

I wonder if this is what normal people feel like most days? Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that things stay like this.

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