I don’t know what Animal Control (or whoever) looks for when determining whether someone is a worthy pet owner – maybe the litter crumbs on the floor or Bastardcat’s shitty teeth that I can’t afford to get fixed right now would count against me.

But I’ve been typing all these blog entries tonight with Dickface the Kitten curled up next to me, doing upside-down face/flirty eyes and sometimes coming up to lick my nose.

Bastardcat is hanging out on his own right now, but he’s super friendly in general and if any unknown human comes over, Bastardcat will immediately jump in their lap and headbutt them in the face. He doesn’t act like someone with any reason to be afraid of people, is what I’m saying. Dickface is much more reserved but after ten minutes or so she’ll usually come out from under the couch and set about getting her face-stink all over the visitor’s socks.

Both cats have been vaccinated recently and have new licenses. I can provide a shitload of documentation showing how Dickface stopped using her box and I spent months of time and hundreds of dollars trying to figure out why so we could go back to being a happy family again.

Both cats, if you raise your hand to them, will stare at it and make a chirpy sound – not cringe or bolt.

So, y’know…even if the harpy neighbour’s email had been true and she was going to come over with an Animal Control person, looking to get me in cat-related trouble, I think she would probably have looked like a fool.

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