New Plan

If the neighbours confront me about the call to Children’s Aid, I will deny having made it, pointing out that they are loud enough that anyone in the house (or sometimes adjacent houses or the sidewalk) could hear them. If I admit to calling, they only develop a fear of me. If I do this, they develop a fear of everyone and there’s a better chance of them being shamed into shutting the fuck up.

I’ve forwarded their threatening email to Children’s Aid because it serves as proof that the incidents I described did happen (she was all “I know it was you who called because you’re the only one who was home during those particular arguments”). I will go to the police, as well, and start up a paper trail about her hostile behaviour if I can – just in case things escalate. I’ve emailed my landlords informing them of the situation (but wording it so it doesn’t sound like I’m the one who made the call to Children’s Aid) so that if the neighbours start trying to harass me by making up complaints to the landlords, there’s reason for the landlords to take it with a grain of salt.

I may go to the free legal services place that’s doing my disability application (they do housing stuff, too) and ask about my rights.

This is all terrifying as shit. Wish me luck.


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3 responses to “New Plan

  1. M

    Good luck, and congrats on being amazing and courageous enough to call to report them. I know you are scared, but you are putting that child’s well being ahead of that fear.

  2. sdfhgs

    yeah, bravo and good luck.

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