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I forget if I mentioned this but for ages I’d been thinking of getting a new bedframe – hopefully a loft bed sorta thing so I could stash my low dressers underneath and free up more space in the room. Everything I found was either too high or too low or too expensive or made for a child (who would probably be half my weight), though.

I mentioned this to Mine and he said he’d build a bed for me. So I gave him the specs and he designed it, got the lumber cut to size and bought bolts etc. using his employee discount (he works at a home improvement store), brought it all over on Saturday night, and assembled it while I was at work on Sunday.


Interesting side note: I’d been worried that maybe the height of the bed would freak me out and I wouldn’t be able to sleep in it. But Mine made it sturdy as hell and also nice and wide (I have a double size mattress and the bed is made for a queen size – I will upgrade at some point). And – I wasn’t expecting this at all – being closer to the ceiling like that makes the bed feel enclosed in a way that I really love. It’s like a super secret awesome fort up in there. I suppose humans must have some lizard hindbrain that feels safer in a small den or burrow.

I haven’t even put both dressers under the new bed yet but it already seems way bigger in the room just having that empty space visible under there. Oh and btw the bed cost me less than $200. It’s nothing fancy or anything – just raw wood, kind of industrial-looking – but I don’t need it to be fancy. And with it being so plain and industrial I won’t feel like I’m defacing it when I screw a bunch of bondage rings to the sides.

And btw I know the bed is sturdy because Mine and I tested it out. 😀














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  1. sdfhgs

    this is so very nice to hear, especially after the last post. May you have a lot of fun in this new bed.

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