Don’t trust the B**** in apartment 23

This sitcom is on Canadian Netflix and I’m kinda digging it. I wish it had gone on longer. It’s not Citizen-Kane-Only-Funny or anything, but it’s quirky and cute and doesn’t have a laugh track.

Also, it occurred to me recently that there’s remarkably little slut shaming. One of the main characters (Chloe, the titular “b”) is unquestionably slutty – is shown having random hookups (once with like five people at the same time), mentions having six guys in her current dating “rotation,” etc. – but aside from the other main character sometimes tut-tutting her inappropriate dating choices, I can’t recall anyone making a big thing about it. Nobody’s treating her like a pariah or making cracks about avoiding touching things she’s touched so they don’t get herpes or whatever.Contrast this with an episode of Friends where the guys hire a woman they think is a stripper for a bachelor party but she ends up being a full service sex worker – at one point she sits fully clothed on Chandler’s bed and later he makes a crack that he’ll obviously have to burn those blankets now.

And Chloe’s character stays remarkably consistent. Or at least consistent in her inconsistency. She’s a monumentally self-centred person with occasional flashes of empathy for others, and that is what she remains. Most times when a show has a character who’s “extreme” in some way, the character mellows out over the course of the show. And not in a conscious, character arc, growing-as-a-person way, more in a “the writers used this huge gimmick in the pilot to reel you in but they went so far with it that they can’t properly sustain the momentum in subsequent episodes” way.

Two complaints, though:

  1. Season two’s episodes are way out of order. Some major plot points happen and they’re all scrambled up and it’s annoying.
  2. There’s an episode where Chloe is dating a guy she really, really likes – and it turns out he has a “rotation” of women he’s dating just like she has a “rotation” of men. Chloe is affected by this far more than one might expect, and of course her straight-laced roommate, June, says it must be because she’s falling for him.  Chloe ends up confirming that this theory is correct and she does indeed want this guy all to herself because she has Real Feelings for him, because I guess the writers don’t understand that polyamory is A Thing and that you can be in love with someone without automatically needing to nail them down. I think it would have been far better on all counts (funnier, far more true to Chloe’s character, and not poly-erasing) if the issue had turned out to be simply that Chloe wasn’t first on the guy’s rotation. He blatantly names someone else as being in his top spot, and we know from previous episodes that Chloe is a supremely petty and competitive person. I would have loved it if she’d had a small crisis over June’s theory (“Oh GOD. Maybe I DO love this guy so much that I want to drop all the others and live a conventional monogamous life with him!”) but then later the guy’s top chick gets hit by a bus or something, Chloe gets promoted to number one, and she’s like “Yay! I win! …I guess I don’t need to be the only one, after all. Just the best one.” And life goes on.

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