MOAR anal adventures!

So weirdly enough I had almost a repeat of the incident with Mine, this time with The Jock.

I fucked his ass with a dildo. He got all ecstatic and moaned and flailed but then asked me to stop.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“It feels like I have to pee or something,” he said.

“That’s probably a prostate orgasm building up,” I said, grinning. I asked if he wanted to continue and he did. I reassured him that if he felt something building up, it was okay to let go. But he ended up asking me to stop for the night before anything happened. I think either he was too afraid of peeing, too afraid of the intensity of the feelings I was giving him, or feeling a bit rubbed raw from all the thrusting.

Another weird parallel between that night with The Jock and the other night with Mine: both of them separately came up with the idea of going down on me while I used the Hitachi. I hold the vibrator midway up the shaft of my clit, so the tip is still accessible for licking if one is careful.

Turns out oral plus Hitachi is the best combo evaaaaar, and I can set the Hitachi aside midway through my orgasm and let my partner’s mouth carry me through to the end. RAWR.

Both boys are quite enthusiastic about oral, too, and will go down without being asked. And they’re both pretty good at it. …Well, The Jock is pretty good. Mine is phenomenal. They’re also both good at petting me.

I actually got it into my head that it would be super fun to have both of them paying attention to me at once. Sadly, although Mine would be up for it, The Jock emphatically is not.

For years now I’ve had multiple partners in my life more often than not, and there’s always one – and only one – who’d be down for a threesome. This seems like one of those ironic curses the Greek gods would put on people. Woe is me, etc.

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