The Mensch is as amazing now as he was three years ago. Possibly more so. I’d forgotten what it was like to connect with someone so strongly. We talked for six hours and it blinked by like nothing. We also made out a little bit and that went well, too. I felt no crotch-stirrings at all (on my end; he was totes erect) during the makeouts, but I’m confident this was my brain shutting off my feelings because I like this boy enough that it was feeling like a lot at stake. But my god, his body…I thought I was over my obsession with skinny boys but when I ran my hands over him, his hipbones protruded far enough to actually grab and it made me literally dizzy. I had to stop for a minute and catch my breath.

We’re seeing each other again on Wednesday.

I’m still worried that he’s conflicted or madonna/whorey but so far I’m enjoying his company and I intend to keep exploring that for as long as I can.

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