An uptick

The Pedant called me last night just to chat. And when – very soon into the conversation – I said I needed to go to bed, he said he’d call me the next day. And did.

Kinda feels like he must have received my email and understood why I sent it. Although I didn’t have the guts to actually ask yet.

While we were on the phone he did this thing of outlining his work schedule for the coming week in great detail without actually offering to come over at any point. I honestly can’t decide if he was making conversation (his phone calls to me are often just him listing off the minutiae of his life…) or if he was making an effort to initiate a visit with me as I’d requested, but somehow just…didn’t…quite…say…the…words. He never asked me what my schedule was like, either, so either he was just making pointless chitchat or he was being a bit presumptuous and thinking he was welcome to come by whenever he was free and I’d just drop everything.

Sometimes it bugs me that he’s told me to be super straightforward with him because he can’t understand subtleties – implying that he himself is super straightforward. He’s not. I frequently don’t know WTF is going on with him, or what a thing he’s saying is actually supposed to mean.

BUT ANYWAY I was pleased to hear from him.

In other good news, I recently posed for an art class where the students had to take a bunch of poses along with me (because you’ll draw a pose better if you know what it feels like – where the weight and tension is and stuff). Afterward one of the students – a grown man, no less – said he couldn’t believe how rock solid I am in my poses and that I must be crazy strong because he could barely keep up during that exercise.

So that had me glowing all day.

I’m trying to write good things to distract me from the fact that my friendship with The Veteran imploded today and I’m not sure it’ll ever get back on track. The short version of that story is: I finally told her that I think she’s been having a manic episode for months now and really needs to go back on her meds. She did not take it well. At all. She took it so not-well that I am reeling.

Send hugs.



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5 responses to “An uptick

  1. play


    Also, my brain does the same volunteering of relevant lines from songs. At some point I thought it may be need to jot them down in a diary – just the song/line (s) stuck in my head that day. Haven’t gotten around to it yet of course…

  2. jnakabb

    Hugs – because …. “You asked for it” (them ?). Showing my age, again

    Anyway, no more beating around the bush. Hopefully *some* food for thought and reflection when The Veteran is able to do so.

    More hugs

  3. Weasel


    You’re a good person for trying, and it’s not in any way your fault. (Of course you know this and don’t need some random internet person to remind you, but sometimes I like to be reminded of that shit even when I know it, so…)

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