The Pedant phoned me last night to say he was gonna try to get into a concert but I it was sold out or too expensive he would come over instead. However if he did get in, he would come over tomorrow.

Once again I feel like a low priority or backup plan. But I’m not sure if that’s fair. Last time I asked to see him, he allegedly set a bunch of things aside in order to come see me. He did mention that time that there was a concert he wanted to go to but when I said I needed to hermit with him he acquiesced immediately.

He did apologize for being out of touch so long. He said that some friends who’d been off his radar suddenly wanted to reconnect and he was feeling antisocial anyway so hanging out with them used up what little energy he had for people.

I said he should’ve been like “good to hear from you! Let’s totally hang out in a couple of weeks” and then come see me. I was only half-joking: I’m his partner and I’ve been requesting his company. They’re people who haven’t bothered contacting him in years. I do kinda deserve precedence here, I think.

“Actually,” The Pedant said, “I think the thing to do would’ve been to makke vague promises about getting together with them sometime in the next three months or so.” So I think he gets it.

I really don’t know if he’s been unfair and neglectful of me lately or if AssholeBrain is just focusing on the negative. Either way it couldn’t hurt for him to step up his game a bit and do something that definitely makes me feel special. I’ll probably bring it up at some point.

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