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The day after The Veteran’s screaming tirade about how she had too much to do and there was no time to ever rest, she was back to making eighty billion rambling pointless Facebook posts in a row. So that’s infuriating.

She sent me a bigass volley of texts (as much as she claims to hate texting, she frequently sends me paragraph upon paragraph of non-essential info that way). Just talking about how she’s found a bunch of consignment stores she wants to check out and stuff (okay, but…what about getting back on disability, getting back on meds, and getting the back-rent paid?). At the end of her ramble she thanked me for “taking everything in stride” and for reminding her to eat and sleep. Which I guess is the closest I’m gonna get to an apology for her freaking the hell out of me with her emotional breakdown.

My experience with mentally ill people is that they are often monumentally self-centred because they can’t see past their own brain shit. I can’t tell if that’s what’s going on with The Veteran here or not. Like, does she even realize how dramatic she was being and how badly it fucked me up? Has she already kind of smoothed the whole incident over and rationalized it like Minx used to? Or does she know how she came off and is embarrassed and sorta trying to minimize it?

I am taking a wee break from her for now.

In other news, The Pedant has been silent since our phone call that night but I’m still all moony over how promptly he came through for me when I needed him. I texted him a “<3” yesterday and today I texted “I less-than-three you. A *lot* less than three, really. From now on I’ll just type the number one instead.” New text to him a few minutes later: “BITCHEZ LOVE WORDPLAY.”

The idea there – in case my joke is not as obvious or funny as I think it is – is that the heart emoticon is made up of a “less than” and the number three. So if love is restricted to a numeric value of less than three, the more less than three it is, the greater the love must be. I didn’t venture into negative numbers because that felt like it would be a bit over the top, but I can definitely say that I love him 1. And in future I seriously do intend to just type a 1 when I want him to know I’m feeling all in love with him and shit.

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