My landlords won’t let tenants wash blankets in the building’s washing machine anymore (possibly because I fucked up a few years back and washed a velour blanket on hot instead of cold and it basically disintegrated in the washer). And I really need to wash them. And I’m afraid of laundromats.

But when Mine was over and we were out to dinner, I said “Hey after this could you go on a quick errand with me? I just need to pop across to the laundromat and figure out how it all works so that I’ll feel prepared for when I need it. And if left to my own devices I’ll keep putting it off.” He cheerfully agreed, and even kind of anticipated the things that might confuse me and calmly walked me through them.

So now I know where the detergent goes in and what kind of coins the machines take and that the dryers have this weird thing where you pay in tiny increments instead of doing a whole cycle. I feel better now!

This is one of my attempts at bringing the proverbial hair dryer with me. Trying to act normal wasn’t working so I’m seeing what it’s like to accept that certain things need preparation, for me, and to ask for help with them.

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