On a side note…

A combination of stress and art modelling has given me chronic neck pain/stiffness. It’s at its worst during and slightly after my shifts, but it’s always there at least a little, a background noise so quiet and constant that I tend to just phase it out. During my Christmas slow period I suddenly realized one day that my neck was actually completely mobile and pain-free for the first time in months, and that what I’d previously thought were pain-free days actually were not. It was kind of depressing to realize that I’d been in such constant pain that I’d gotten used to it.


When The Pedant and I were waiting for the bus to my gig the other morning, I realized that sometime during the night my neck had been totally reset to factory-new. I hadn’t even slept that well the night before but apparently just lying quietly with The Pedant’s body touching mine for six or seven hours can undo months of near-constant stress and damage. I’m awed by this. Weird how he can be such a colossal fail in some areas of the relationship, but so good and healing for me in other ways.

Unfortunately, by the end of that morning’s gig I was back to square one, neck-wise. But it was nice to have that little reprieve.

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