Minx ended up coming over about two hours before The Pedant did; she’s moving this weekend and found an item of mine in her apartment plus some things of hers she wanted to give me, so she was dropping the items off. She came up for a bit and sat on my couch with me so we could do some catching up. She affectionately ran her fingers over the shaved part of my head and with my touch deprivation/stress response being ratcheted up to critical levels this made me immediately burst into tears and collapse into her lap.

I sobbed into her thighs for a while and she kept petting me. This was the release I’d been hoping to get from The Pedant. Ironic that Minx ended up stealing his thunder. Minx is really good about comforting me when I’m anxious or stressed out, now that we’re not dating. 😛 I talked about the stressors in my life and she talked about hers and it was good.

Also, huge groundbreaking thing here, she said that while packing her things to move, she got to thinking about her last move – which was when she moved out of here. Then she got all choked up and told me she wanted to apologize for the way she left.

I’m blown away by this. Minx has done some really hurtful things to me without ever seeming to realize they were hurtful. Like to a point where I wondered if she might be a bit of a sociopath and I began to be a bit scared of her.

Back in the day, she told her parents she was going to move out before she told me. Well, not just told her parents but burst into tears when they asked her how things were going with me, then sobbed she needed to move out ASAP and asked if they would help. Like, if they would help soon, and secretly. Like I was some kind of abusive monster she had to escape from. She did end up deigning to tell me of her decision a few days later, though – at which time I was like “NOPE, you’re not moving out within the next few days, give me two months’ notice like a tenant is legally supposed to. I need the time to figure out how to cover your part of the rent once you’re gone.”

So she granted me the two months, but then – despite her previous vehemence that she needed to go – she barely looked for a place. It was very much beginning to look like she might just…kinda…stay living with me and pretend she’d never had a huge outburst to her parents and then to me about how she couldn’t stand me anymore. I had to sit her down and tell her in no uncertain terms that her ass had to be gone when those two months were up, whether she found a place or not.

Then she found a place at pretty much the last second, but she hadn’t packed, either, so moving day comprised her and her parents moving all her furniture to the new place while I packed her books, movies, etc. for her. And me hiding from her parents when they were in here hauling stuff, because god knows what they thought about me after Minx’s little outburst.

At the time, I brought up the whole “You told your parents you were breaking up with me before you told me” debacle to Minx many, many times, trying to impress upon her how absolutely shitty that was, and she just looked at me quizzically. Now it seems she’s finally figured it out. Or maybe she was only apologizing for making me pack for her. I kind of wanted to ask what exactly she felt sorry about but I decided not to push my luck.

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