Obligatory Pedant visit synopsis (part 2)

I was out of both cat food and litter, so when we got up the next day that was the first order of business. The plan was to go get cat supplies, bring them home, then go out for groceries, since I was almost out of people-food, too. The days of The Pedant taking me out to eat all the time have come to a close, at least for now, as he’s saving up first and last to move in with a friend in September and also saving up to chip in on a big birthday gift for his mom. I miss all the sushi, but I fully understand that my frequent restaurant meals with The Pedant were a treat, not a right. I enjoyed living the high life while it lasted but I’m more than happy to take over feeding him.

Spring had been taking its sweet time showing up, but it was hitting full force that day. I don’t deal well with the heat at all. I think I don’t sweat as much as other people, or something, I don’t know. But when we got back home with the cat food and litter my face was beet red, my heart was pounding, and I felt all weak and faint. I had to chug some water and collapse onto the couch for a while before I felt ready to leave again.

I like grocery shopping with The Pedant; I can stockpile more stuff with him carrying an additional shopping basket and helping to mule everything home.

Once I’d gathered up all the items I needed, he picked a checkout line for us to wait in. After a few minutes I realized it was the express lane and I definitely had too many items. The Pedant said something about each basket having fewer than sixteen items so it would be fine if I put “my” basket’s contents on the belt and he put “his” on.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works,” I said.

“It does if I pay for these items separately,” The Pedant replied. Such a sweet boy. He claims to dislike being thanked so I just smiled at him and agreed that yes, that would get us around the item limit just fine.

When we got home for the second time, I immediately peeled off my clothes and collapsed on the couch again.  Eventually I summoned the strength to put the groceries away. Then I asked The Pedant to help me put the finishing touches on an Ikea dresser I’d just assembled; I’d been having a hard time screwing in the drawer pulls. “I could do it myself but it would require a level of forearm strength that’s not comfortable for me,” I told him.

The Pedant agreed to help, and also made a whole other list of household things he intended for us to accomplish. But I wanted him to do the dresser thing first, so after a quick lunch of grocery store maki rolls, he started with that.

It took way longer than I thought it would. The holes in the wooden drawer pulls had been drilled a bit wonky and not nearly deep enough (ha! I thought so! I actually put together the exact same dresser a year or two ago and was able to screw on the pulls just fine). The Pedant occasionally asked me to get up and fetch things for him as he worked, or to hold one of the dresser pieces still while he used the screwdriver, or what-have-you.

By then we’d been home long enough that my internal temperature had regulated itself, but I was still having such a low-energy day that it was hard to get up and do anything, and I said so. Not as a complaint that The Pedant was making me do stuff. More as an apologetic observation. And it occurs to me now that The Pedant was really awesome about this. He didn’t question me or tell me I was exaggerating or making excuses. He just kept on doing the bulk of the work on that dresser, without any apparent resentment.

The Pedant, by the way, is a regular powerhouse of energy to a point where he often prefers standing to sitting (a concept that’s completely foreign to me). He even has a standing desk at home. So I feel pretty reassured that the things he does to help me around the house – things that would leave me totally drained if I did them – are not even a big deal to him. We’re well-matched that way.


The Pedant had also undressed once we got home, by the way, and pretty much the entire time that he sat on the couch wrestling with those dresser drawers I just kept surreptitiously staring at him and thinking “Holy shit The Pedant is naked in my house and helping me do chores. Naked.”

We’ve been seeing each other for years now but somehow his novelty hasn’t worn off yet. 😛

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