By the way

You may remember that The Pedant kept calling me “Mistress” in bed until I told him to stop. I’ve never really found an honorific that I like, although I’d like The Pedant to have a thing to call me when he submits; it seems like a good way to know when he’s making submissive overtures toward me or getting into the headspace or whatever.

I thought of one.

Countess Von Fingerbang. Or just Countess, for short.

I have a feeling he won’t go for it, though. I think I actually already made the “Call me by my title: Countess Von Fingerbang” joke with him before (right after fingerbanging in, in fact) and he got all weird and kind of ignored it. Probably draws too much attention to what a little anal slut he’s become for me. 😀

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