Less confusing.

I never did talk to the guy from this post to clarify his intent. He was pretty fun to hang out with but not so fun that I missed him after he was gone, so I mostly just forgot the whole thing.

Then tonight he texted asking if I might be free for a session, and the fact that he said “session” made our deal pretty clear. I asked him to come over in an hour and a half to give me time to get ready. He said okay, and added that this time he was okay with me leaving marks on him. Oooooh. 😀

He just left. I got him to massage my feet for a bit, then chained his arms up across my hallway and bit and punched him (interspersed with making out and nice-touching). I’d put on a music mix ahead of time where I knew what song was at about the fifty-minute mark so I could start the hand job and finish him up by an hour, tops.

It’s hilarious how much he flinched and “ow!”‘d at my punches. Dude trains in martial arts and spars with (presumably) other buff men.

“Surely when you spar with guys they hit you way harder than this!” I said.

“I don’t let them” he said. Ohhhh right, because in a sparring match his arms are free and he can move around and block punches and stuff. Derp.

All his flinching, squirming, and squealing makes me wonder whether I punch anywhere near as hard as those guys or if it’s just scarier because he’s so vulnerable with his bare torso on display for me and his hands restrained. Or if he has more endorphins and adrenaline coursing through him during a sparring match so the pain is blunted down.

Anyway, I got him off and (as before) he was immediately awkward afterward and left quickly without touching me whatsoever – it’s like he sent out a prickly aura around himself in self-defense just from me thinking about maybe hugging him goodbye. I don’t love the madonna-whore implications of him only being willing to kiss me when he’s horny and then practically brandishing a lit torch at me like I’m Frankenstein’s monster after he’s come, but whatevs, I made a hundred bucks. And I’m relieved to know exactly what our deal is.

Oh, and I’ve come up with a much more succinct answer to “if you’re enjoying yourself then why am I paying?” than I had before. Not that he’s asked me or anything.

But if someone asked me, I’d tell them, “Because you’re not paying me to hate this. You’re paying me to be available on short notice, look pretty, and cater to your desires without any kind of emotional commitment. And I’m doing that.”

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