I love having a blog.

I accidentally realized a thing.

Remember this conversation with The Pedant about forced orgasms etc.? I didn’t mention this before but when I was talking about the various experiments I wanted to do with stimulating him beyond what he’d normally be comfortable with, he said something like “The best orgasm of my life involved continuous slow gentle stimulation all the way through.”

He definitely said orgasm, singular, which surprised me so much that almost blurted out “You’ve had a best orgasm? Just one that stood out that much?” but I stopped myself because I feared he would end up regaling me with a story about another woman, in glorious technicolour detail, and I didn’t want to hear it.

I was recently browsing through some previous entries here, looking to titillate myself with Pedant sex stories, and happened across this one – in which I slowly and gently stimulated The Pedant all the way through his orgasm and he ended up slurring his speech and falling into a half-hour coma nap as if drugged. He does normally doze off after coming but this was seemingly a whole different animal.

So…it’s not 100% certain, but it seems entirely feasible that I gave him that singular best orgasm. And I probably would not have been able to put that together if I didn’t keep this blog. Awesome.

Tangent: during some recent visit I finally asked The Pedant something that had been on my mind for ages: “So hey, you told me once that you sometimes need both hands in order to jerk off. That’s been driving me crazy ever since. Dude what are you using the other hand for?”

The Pedant shrugged, perhaps in embarrassment, and said “You’ve used two hands on my cock before. You know what that does to me.” Then he made some snide remark about me probably expecting that he’s doing stuff to his ass, but he doesn’t do that on his own, thankyouverymuch.

I had not been thinking of ass play, actually. I’d been thinking that probably he uses one hand on his cock and the other to finger his nipples. The idea that he’s using both hands on his cock had not occurred to me at all, and is fucking hot as hell.

See, this is another reason I’m glad we didn’t break up during our recent kerfuffle. The Pedant seems to have a hand job fetish. My mouth clearly feels good to him and will elicit pleasure-sounds if I work at it, but he’ll moan the very second I wrap my hand(s) around him as though just the idea of my hand on his cock turns him on. It’s backwards from how most guys are, but I totally dig it. I like giving hand jobs (I like doing mouth stuff, too, but I have a lot less stamina for that). I like getting creative with it and using both hands and lots of lube and just being a total artist with it. And he appreciates my hand job ingenuity more than anyone else has.

Picturing him being a creative hand-job artist on himself is just……….I’ll be in my bunk.

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