And also ur fat herp derp

Sometimes I get into tussles with idiot dudes on FetLife and they almost always end up telling me that I’m ugly and nobody would ever want to see me naked.

I’m aware that if I attempt to refute this, I’ll just look defensive and desperate and I’ll be outing my not-FetLife self way more than I’d like and the guy won’t even believe me (or will move the goalposts of his insults. Probably both). So I don’t say anything.

But it’s just too perfect and hilarious that angry trolls love to tell me (of all possible things) that nobody would ever want to see me naked – yes, those exact words – when I literally make my living being seen naked. And am highly in demand for it. And have had my body or presence or general demeanor or whatever complimented by hundreds of people.

I just really needed to savour the irony with you, my regular readers, who know I’m not lying about my job or the acclaim I get there since I’ve been writing about it for years.


Too bad the trolls are so unimaginative because there’s other shit they could say that would easily have me freaked out and doubting myself for weeks. But the looks thing? Meh. Even if I wasn’t a life model, that shit wouldn’t particularly bother me. I don’t place a lot of my value as a person on whether I’m desirable to men. I do care whether I’m desirable to men I wanna fuck, but I seem to have an okay track record in that regard so again…meh.

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