On a whole other note…

When I first got Bastardcat, I chose my brand of litter pretty arbitrarily. “Oh look, this one is made of wheat so it’s renewable (not like clay). And it clumps and it’s guaranteed flushable so I can scoop the clumps right into the toilet. Sold.” And thus that part of my life was sorted and I didn’t think about it anymore.

The Pedant told me a while back that his family uses clay litter and it doesn’t seem to end up tracked all over the place like my wheat stuff does, probably because the clay is heavier. And I must admit I would really like it if my entire fucking floor wasn’t covered in litter crumbs at all times. I don’t have the energy to be sweeping constantly.

Also my landlady has been all up my ass about other tenants being able to smell my cat box from the hallway* and I knew I needed to make some changes so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I decided I should move the litter box to the kitchen, which is the furthest possible spot from the front door. And if I did that, I should switch to clay litter so the kitchen floor isn’t covered in filth-nuggets. The box wouldn’t be near a toilet anymore anyway so flushability would no longer be relevant.

So I started looking into other kinds of litter. And fuckity fuckity fuckshit it turns out the wheat stuff I’d been buying is stupid expensive. I had a steady, well-paying job when I adopted Bastardcat so I didn’t do any big check into the costs of things, and after that I was just on autopilot.

But a bag of the wheat stuff is $21 and a same-sized bag of the clay stuff I just bought is $7. And the clay one is substantially less smelly!

So for these past five years since I’d quit my steady well-paying day job and begun living a kind of terrifying seat-of-my-pants existence, I’ve been paying three times as much as I needed to for cat litter and not even getting good results. And for the entire eight years(?) that I’ve had Bastardcat, my bathroom has smelled at least a little bit like cat piss even when I scooped the box every day and swept up the tracked litter semi-regularly.

This new clay stuff has baking soda in it and even when I neglected to scoop it for three days, the bathroom smelled okay. I’m not imagining this; The Pedant confirmed it when he was over.

On a side note, when I bought the new litter I also bought plastic bags to line the box with. Today – day three or four of not scooping the litter at all – the bathroom still had only the beginnings of some stink, but the box was probably made up of more clumps and poop than actual usable litter so I just tied off the liner bag and took the whole mess out to the compost bin. Then I put a new liner in the nice clean box and poured in more litter. Easy-peasy.

I think this is gonna work out a lot better than my previous system (I might not even move the box to the kitchen now!) and I’m looking forward to being a model tenant about whom nobody else can complain. Especially because I haaaaate the awful bitch downstairs and want to make her move the fuck out. The more perfect a tenant I am, the more my complaints to the landlady will look genuine and not like petty in-fighting.


*In my defense, the bathroom doorway directly faces the front door of my apartment, and I keep the litter box in the bathroom, so people in the communal hallway are only like eight feet from the litter box. It’s not like people are smelling it from a hundred miles away.


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2 responses to “On a whole other note…

  1. Weasel

    I use the clay stuff, but my ex’s cat would always run in there as soon as I topped it off/changed the litter and breathe deeply of the clay-dust, and then spend an extended period wheezing like an asthmatic 80yr old potter downwind from a forest fire. Took to locking him away from it for a few minutes to let a fan clear the air; potters lung is not a thing I want my cats to get.

    Your neighbours sound awful, my sympathies. You might consider a single terrifyingly loud impact on the floor, and then dead silence so rudely awakened assholes are left wondering what woke them up… You could also call the cops out of concern for their safety if the fights are bad enough to induce such concern in a wonderful caring person like yourself…

    • The main reason I haven’t called the cops yet is that my apartment doesn’t have a door buzzer; I’d have to actually come downstairs and let the cops in, and the neighbours’ apartment door is right there. And I really, REALLY don’t want the awful neighbours knowing it was me who called. The female half of the couple seems capable of vendettas.

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