BTW The Pedant gave me the most ridiculous huuuuuge orgasms earlier, mainly by dint of mashing the Hitachi even harder against me as I started to come. Normally I am not in favour of forced orgasm-type shit but I have to admit that this time, it did work – I would never have used the Hitachi on myself so brutally because I would have been afraid of the amount of intensity, but when he did it the intensity turned out to be really really good. Mostly. I could have done with him easing up toward the end and letting me have full control again (I was the one holding the vibrator; he just mashed it with his palm at the key moment).

Anyway, that whole “making someone endure a level of intensity they’re afraid of” thing is super hot to me (on the giving end), and The Pedant forcing my orgasm to new levels got me thinking about that. Normally The Pedant tells me to slow down or stop whatever I was doing when he’s coming. But what if I just…ignored him and kept going?

“You once told me that you like being tied up because you’d normally try to move away from stimulation at a certain point but if you’re forced to stay and take it, it ends up feeling amazing,” I said.

“I did say that, yes.”

“I’m wanting to experiment with that.”

“You’re interested in being tied up?”

That caught me off guard and I genuinely burst out laughing so that my reply was like “Hahaha no. I want to try stimulating you beyond where I normally do.”

Seriously, what a weird conclusion for him to draw from what I’d said. I suspect he thinks all women have a submissive/bottomy side (and are bi). He still starts acting toppy with me sometimes when he’s getting me off or if I ask him to fuck me missionary style. Like he can’t figure out how to be the active one in a sexual encounter while conceptualizing it as serving the other person.

But anyway the orgasms were good. I’m fairly sure I did the theatrical porn-scream thing, but entirely without trying. My poor neighbours.

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