Peeple r dum

I’ve had this conversation with artists at my life modelling gigs like fifteen times now:

Artist: You’re so good at what you do! It takes a lot of physical strength to hold poses like that.

Me: It does! I’ve actually put on a lot of muscle since I first began.

Artist: So, you must [weight train/do yoga], then.

I don’t get it. These people know that my job is physically strenuous; they approach me just to tell me that they know this. I then tell them that doing this physically strenuous job has put muscle on me. Meaning: I was not very muscular before, and then I started modelling, and that got me in shape. Meaning: THE POSING IS THE WORKOUTHow is that not clear?

This exchange happened again last night and it continues to baffle me.

Maybe I’m just way too particular about semantics. If they’d asked “so do you weight train/do yoga on the side to help you do better in your job?” I would have understood that (and replied, “Well, no. Maybe I should, but I got to this point just by attempting more and more strenuous poses and that seems to have worked out well.”). But that’s not what they’re saying to me, and as it stands, there seems to be an assumption that I could not do this job of mine that requires muscles unless I were also working out. Which doesn’t make any damn sense. I’m sure these people wouldn’t approach someone weightlifting in a gym and go “Wow, you can bench a hundred pounds! That takes a lot of strength. You must work as a stockboy hauling around huge boxes all day or something.”


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